Research serves as the evidence-base that informs policy, rules, regulations and legislation. The idea is that good research should help us better understand disability issues within a complex society and how policy adjustments can improve the human condition as it seeks greater happiness for its people.

As well, the TPI believes that our policy work and research must be driven by the field; the families, schools, agencies, and most importantly, by those with disabilities. As such, our research and policy questions are most often driven by our public surveys, our partnerships with community groups, and our direct contact with families and people with disabilities. Our research is then brought to the professional and general public in many forms, such as professional publications, public meetings, briefings, reports and social media. In this broad effort, TPI strives to improve society by reducing the barriers to access for all of it citizens.

While the vast majority of our research is quantitative in nature, TPI values multiple methods of inquiry designed to understand and learn about the complex issues we study. We strive to leverage multiple ways of knowing to make the most sense of the topics we seek to understand, as we recommend adjustments to rules, regulations, laws and policies.