This website includes transition resources (information sheets, tip-sheets, research articles, charts and videos) that will provide information on education, employment, independent living, and related topics. These materials have been sent and approved by transition practioners, families and individuals with disabilities. Please download documents and/or access the websites indicated. It is hoped that these resources will assist individuals with a wide range of disabilities, their families and those who support them, as they prepare to become self-sufficient adults living a quality life.

TPI Transition Initiative Team

Richard Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Richard Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Linda O’Neal, M.A.

Linda O’Neal, M.A.

Janis White, Ed.D.

Janis White, Ed.D.

Jennifer James, Ph.D.

TPI Transition Graduate Research Associates


Stacy Eldred, Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant


Rachel Wiegand, Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant

TPI Transition Research Associates

Cristina Giannantonio, Ph.D.

Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D.

Amy E. Hurley-Hanson, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Assistants

Kaita Pannor,
Chapman University, c/o 2022

Loren Lee,
Chapman University, c/o 2023

Allaire headshot

Allaire Davis,
Chapman University, c/o 2023

Vivian Bui,
Chapman University, c/o 2024